LAST UPDATE: 22-08-2019. Revised site coming soon.

Hello and welcome to JMHVINYL.

Three and a half years in and following numerous requests, I have finally decided to add some vinyl reviews to this site. I’m still not going down the route of a forum for vinyl discussion.

Some? Only mainstream and it’ll be limited to what I can fit in.

Why? The reason for the change is basically down to the numerous requests I get for comments on new releases. From receiving a record to Jimpress review issue there can be a considerable time span. So reviews here are intended to bridge that gap and not replace the vinyl reviews submitted to Jimpress. That said, even these short reviews won’t be rushed out.

The site will remain mainly a reference site for vinyl, though I will give my personal take during a review.  

While this is a reference site all additions can and will be considered for inclusion here. If you have anything you feel needs to be added please contact me with the details. Minimum details are Album title, record company, catalogue number, matrix detail [all that appears in the dead wax area from both sides of the record]. Of course any additional information is also welcome by way of pressing plant, year of issue but please support these details if you wish for them to be included. Any comments regard the album, what exactly is in the grooves, would be of use too. As we know, an album may well state mono or stereo and it may be both, one or the other or neither [enhanced from mono] but this detail is not essential. Thanks.

Page one of each listing is a text only page simply to facilitate the stated intention of the site and to ensure updates and corrections can be applied quickly.  Picture guidance is to be found on the following pages per subject with basic and brief notes.

As this site does not appear to support Wingdings 3 and thus does not allow certain symbols to be typed or cut and pasted into text we have replaced certain symbols that appear in the matrix [dead wax area] detail. These will be shown in red in all instances and a key map will appear on each page to indicate what the symbols should be. 

Gordon 21-05-2015 / 10-01-2019

Even before this site was "up and ready" I have been supported by a few collectors.

Thanks to,

 Doug Bell, Steve Elphick, Tim Greenhall, Pete Harker, Bill Johnson, Larry Martell and Frank Moriarty.

The list of those to whom I'm grateful, for various reason, be it in a Hendrix record gifted to me down the years through to securing a record on my behalf or simply for sharing important information, past, present or future is important to me and often the small simple "thank you" often fails to really convey my genuine sincere feelings. The least I can do here is recognise that important part played in the construction of this site and its detail. This list is in no particular order:

 Pat Johnson, Gordon Johnson, Gordon McMillan, Renwick McNeill, Billy Ireland, Neil Walsh, John McClusky, Stan Johnstone, Sandra Johnson, John Senior, Ben Valkhoff, Ben Van Eck, Frank Clark, Steve Rodham, John McDermott, Niko Bauer, Uwe Moser, Jim Hawthorn, Ian Humphries.

It is hard not to want to recognise the difference others have made, the Hendrix community has contributed so often indirectly to the record collection along with this site. Kees De Lange, Barry Gruber, James Phoenix, Chuck White, Johan Van Wieren, Ruud Korts, Rob Smith, Charlie Angel, Mike Parker, Jeff Mason, Don Mc Loughlin, Len Pogost, Gerry Masters, Brian Howell, Raymond Guest, Francesco Pelosi, Paul de Bie, Claus Rasmussen, Tim Yusuf-Burrell.

Besides the individuals above, the members at the Steve Hoffman forum [http://www.stevehoffman.tv/], the members at Crosstown Torrents [http://crosstowntorrents.org/?styleid=4], the good folk at JPIO [https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/JimiPassItOn/info] and of course the members at the Jimpress forum [http://forum.jimpress.co.uk/] are thanked for their assistance and for sharing their knowledge so readily.