A Japanese Polydor pressing with Obi and one sided insert.

Supportive documentation for the Polydor release of the Stereo Axis. Bold As Love. Shown here is an advert for the release from Hit Week #12 with a cover date of the 8th December 1967.

Here's the two double LP sets from Polydor and Barclay, often referenced as the "2fer". This is the pairing of Are You Experienced and Axis. Bold As Love.

A pair of Polydor's from around the world. A Greek and one from South America, Uruguay to be exact.

Holland re issue.  Standard issue from Polydor even though they had plenty of practice at putting this album out they managed to incorrectly title this pressing! Another error, though minor being the credit for She's So Fine. According to this pressing O. Redding penned the song!!

A German Karussell and a Polydor Italy sharing a similar front cover. While the rear and labels differ.

The Polydor Mexico 1970 issue. The mix is as expected here but side one shows up a unusal anomaly. Rather than Up From The Skies preceding Spanish Castle Magic, here we have the second part of [as in, from the silent break] If 6 Was 9. The final track on side one now being the opening part of If 6 Was 9 begininning through to the silent part of the track. 

Experience Hendrix have brought us re pressings of this classic title of course both via MCA and Sony Legacy and not forgetting the Sony Legacy / Newbury Comics variant. Starting with Classic Records mono issue from 2000 showing plastic outer sleeve sticker and the "recycled" Track Records label and inner sleeve.

While Polydor Greece brought us the traditional cover for ABAL and using the Donald Silverstein inner, here we have the images for 100 Special Polydor International that also originates from Greece.

Polydor have brought us a number of either slight re design's or in some instances a complete change in the cover appearance. Beginning with the rear of the SPELP from circa '83. By now the cover had been reduced to a single sleeve by Polydor to max' out profits in the waning era of vinyl.

 France brought us a different cover  and later [1971] re issues utilising photographs from J.P. Leloir. The first cover shown here is a pirate copy, front and rear with an original rear also shown as the third image.

While some later re issues from Reprise Records brought us this inner sleeve.

Above, how the original art work was presented from Track Records. The images used for the outer are taken from a stereo [front] and mono [rear] copy as I have found that the stereo covers appear to have a more vivid colouring. The inner orange sheet that came with this UK release was utilised for the inner of the Reprise Records inner gatefold and thus omitting the wonderful shot from Donald Siverstein. Following is the slight variant Reprise records front, this one showing stereo along with the Track and Reprise Records labels. While it must be noted that this is but one label design from Reprise Records. Examples of others are shown later.

Axis. Bold As Love