Vinyl Records

This is an opportunity to review each track in more detail. From the lyrical content through to recording detail. Where we have conflicting detail for dates I have included each variation with a note to where each may be found.

I have used Renwick's fine work on documenting these lyrics from record but it should be noted that one or two changes may appear that I feel is more representative of the lyric in question. An example is found in Manic Depression were Renwick records "Manic depression is searchin’ *my so-oul" and his note adds that it sounds like touchin' . I have made the alteration to touchin' as this is how it sounds to me.

Foxy Lady.

[Backing vocal: Noel]

Foxy (Foxy)…foxy
uh-You know you’re a cute little heart breaker, hah
Foxy (Foxy), yeah
And you know you’re a sweet little love maker, hah 
Foxy (Foxy)
I wanna take you home, aha, yeah
I won’t do you no ha-arm, no-o, hah
You got to be all mine, all mine
Ooh, foxy lady
Yeah, foxy (Foxy)…Foxy (Foxy)

 Now-uh, I see you, hah, I’m down on the sce-ene
Oh, foxy (Foxy)
You make me, wanna get up and-uh screa-eam
Foxy (Foxy)
Oh, baby, listen now
I’ve made up my mi-ind-uh, yeah
I’m tired of wastin’ all my, precious time,
You’ve got to be all mine, all mine
Foxy lady
Here I come


 (Foxy, foxy, foxy, foxy)
I’m gonna take you home, ah-huh
I won’t do you no ha-arm, no-o
You got to be all mine, all mine, foxy lady

 Here I come, baby [on USA stereo mix only]
I’m comin’ to get ya,
Ow, foxy lady  (Foxy) yeah, yeah
Ooh, you look so good (Foxy) foxy 
Oh, yeah (Foxy) oh, foxy, yeah (Foxy) get it, baby, foxy
You make me feel like-uh, (Foxy) feel like saying, foxy
Oh, lady (Foxy) foxy (Foxy) lady, foxy, lady

Manic Depression.

[mono, US “stereo” mix just separates vocals and drums!]

 Manic depression is touchin' my so-oul
-I know what I want
But I just do-on’t know how to, huh, go about gettin’ it
Feelin’, sweet feelin’, drops from my fingers, fingers
Manic depression has-uh, captured my soul-uh, yeah

 Woman, so weary, her sweet call’s in vai-ain
You make love, you break love, it’s-uh
All the sa-ame when it’s, when it’s over
Music sweet music, I wish I could caress, caress, caress
Manic depression is a frustratin’ mess, wow!
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh


Cry on guitar

 Well, I think I’ll go-o, turn myself off and-uh-huh
Go on down, all the way down
Really ain’t no use in me hangin’ around your-huh
Your kind of scene
Music, sweet music, I wish I could caress and-uh kiss, kiss
Manic depression is a frustratin’ mess
Wow, yeah, ow
Music, sweet music, sweet music-uh


 Music, music, yeah
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Hmm, depression

Red House.

Chas: Shall we have a me’-mess around with that ‘Red House’ thing-you, you were messin’ round with this afternoon at the flat, and we’ll put it down just for laughs, see what it sounds like, yeah?
?     : Sorry
Jimi :  I tell you what okay, okay, o-okay then , in the key of ‘B’, ‘B’. Down to it anyway…

[UK, mono only, on original A.Y.E release, some later releases have the end chat edited or cut. Not on USA & Canada release]

 Yeah, heh-heh…
(Boogie woogie)
Okay then

 There’s a red house over yonder
That’s where my baby stay... yeah
Yeah, there’s a red house over yonder, baby
That’s where my baby stay… eh-yeah
Well, I ain’t been home to see my baby
In about a ninety nine and one half day
‘bout time to see her


But wait a minute, somethin’s wrong
The key won’t unlock this door
Wait a minute, somethin’s wro-ong, baby
The key won’t unlock the door… yeah
I got a bad, bad fee-eelin’ now
That my baby don’t live here no more
She didn’t tell me nothin’ about it either
That’s all right, I still got my guitar

Look out, baby


Yeah... a little
Look out
Yeah, that’s all right
Yeah, ha-ha-ha!

 I might as well go on back down
Go back across yonder, over the hill
I might [j]ust go back over yonder
Way back over yonder, across the hill
Just where I came from
Because if my baby don’t love me no more
I know her sister will

Jimi   : Yeah…how’s that one
Chas : Yeah, just keep at it, think you should put that one out
Jimi   : Yeah, okay then, heh

Can You See Me.

CAN YOU SEE ME [original title, no question mark, on original A.Y.E. release, not on USA A.Y.E. release. USA mono with stereo 1969 mix vocal overdubs in italics]

uh-Can you see me, yeah
Beggin’ you on my knees?
Whoa, yeah, can you see me, baby
Beggin’, “Please don’t leave”? all right, girl [UK mono has ‘Yeah’ instead]
If you can see me doin’ that, you can
See in the future of a thou-ousand years


uh-Can you hear me, yeah
Cryin’ all over town?
Yeah, baby [UK mono has ‘All right’ instead]
Can you hear me, baby
Cryin’ ‘cause you put me down? 
Must be jokin’ [UK mono has very faint ‘oh no’ instead]
If you can hear me doin’ that, you can
Hear a freight-train comin’ from a thou-ousand miles


 Oh, yeah

 Ooh. uh-Can you hear me
Singin’ this song to you?
Oh, you’d better open up your ears, baby [UK mono has ‘Oh you’d better listen, baby, ow!’ instead]
Can you hear me, baby
Singin’ this song to you?
Ah, shucks [UK mono has Ah! how! instead]
If you can hear me sing
You’d better come home like you’re supposed to do

 heh-heh, Can you see me? [UK mono has ‘hear’ instead of ‘see’ & ‘ yeah, a-ha’ at the end]
Hey, hey
I don’t believe you can see me, whoa, yeah [UK mono has ‘hear’ instead of ‘see’]
Can you hear me baby? [UK mono has ‘see’ instead of ‘hear’]
I don’t believe you can
You can’t see me [UK mono has ‘Yeah’ instead]

 Love Or Confusion.

 Is that the sta-ars in the sky-y, or is it rai-ain fallin’ dow-own?
Would it burn me if I touched the Sun, yeah, so big, so rou-ound?
Would I be truthful, yeah, in-uh, in choosing you as the one for me?
Is this lo-ove, ba-by, or is it-uh-huh, just-uh confusion?
O-oh, my mind it’s so messed up, goin’ round and rou-ound

Must there be a-all the-ese colou-ours-uh
Without names, without sou-ound, baby?
My heart bu-urns with feeling but-uh
Whoa-but my mi-ind is cold and reeling
Is this lo-ove, ba-by, or, ah-huh-uh, or is it confusion?


 Oh, my hea-ead it is pounding, pounding
Goin’ round and round, and round and round
Must there always be these colou-ours-uh
Without names without sound?
My heart burns with feeling-uh

Oh, but my mi-ind is cold and reelin’-uh
Is this lo-ove, ba-by, or is it-uh-hah, just-uh confusion?
Oh, you tell me, baby, is this-uh, lo-ove or confusio-on?
Mama, we must get together and-uh, find ou-t
Exactly what we‘re tryin’ to do

Love or confusion?

I Don't Live Today. [Backing vocal – Noel. USA stereo vocal mix with slightly longer fade out]

 Will I live tomorrow?Well, I just ca-an’t say
Will I live tomorrow-wo-ow?
Well, I just ca-an’t say
But I know for su-ure, I don’t live today

No Sun comin’ through my windo-ows
Feel like I’m livin’ at the bottom of a grave
No-o Sun comin’ through my windo-ows
Feel like I’m livin’ at the bottom of a grave
I wish you’d hurry up and execute me-e
So I can be on my miserable way

I do-on’t, live toda-ay
Maybe tomorrow, I just can’t say, but-uh
oh-I do-on’t, live toda-ay
It’s such a shame to waste your time away like this…



 Well, well-I do-on’t, live toda-ay
Maybe tomorrow I, just can’t tell you, baby. You-better
oh-I do-on’t, live toda-ay
It’s such a shame to, spend the time, away like this


 Yeah… ow!… yeah… oh, no
Baby… yeah

 [Solo improvisation]

 O-oh, there ain’t no life nowhere
Huh, huh… Damn, man

Are you experienced? get experience, get experience, uh, get experience, uh, get experienced. Are you the Experience?

[UK mono mix fades out at the end of the last ‘Are’]