Band Of Gypsys

The 1999 Fillmore 3 LP set from MCA / Experience Hendrix front cover .

Barclay meanwhile brought us yet another variation in France.

Polydor UK also issued a "Super", this Band Of Gypsys issue was a single sleeve [2480 005 Super]. This had the more familiar front / rear cover that appeared on all the Capitol US releases through to the present day. Those US pressings did differ by way of being a gatefold sleeve. Capitol pressings for the most part remained the same cover wise with just a slight addition to 1971 front covers with the added logo stating Gold Record Award. These later pressings also show up with different colour labels, differences shown here.

The initial Track Records for the Band Of Gypsys cover and its replacement gatefold cover which included the "Super" suffix. While the cover was replaced the label remained the same including the miss spelt "Gypsies".

A couple of label images for BOG 2. Showing here are the multi colour rim and a magenta while my copy of the latter is more purple than magenta! And of course the front and rear of this digitally sourced release from 1986.