The more complete audio package of this set was issued as a triple set in 2002 as Blue Wild Angel.

Isle Of Wight, though issued around the globe almost all stayed with the original artwork for the cover. Japan did issue this on the Polydor Records label on at least four occasions, with the 1972 1st reissue did they make any real amendments to the cover, shown. That album is shown further down this page, without Obi.

While the first of this set was issued in the UK through Ember and Entertainment International in France I was surprised to find that this title also had a Polydor Records issue, from Japan. All copies here utilise the same cover images but as with the More Experience album these can be found with completely different covers from various countries.

"Experience" and More Experience have been issues and re issued on a regular basis from 1971 through to t least 2001 though the later Italian pressings could be pirate copies rather than the real deal. Originally released on the Ember label and a few years later they appeared on the Bulldog label. Various issues of these titles from around the globe can be found and the quality between them can be considerable.

Above the 2007 and following we see the 2014 [US pressing] rear cover and a close up of the European logo for Sony Legacy.

The JHE Monterey performance had a selected track listing on one side of a disc, Historic Performances [Otis Redding on the other] while the full performance was to be found on Jimi Plays Monterey and later [with a superior mix] on Live At Monterey, 2007 and 2014 issue albums. While the cover for the 2007 and 2014 pressings are vey similar and the music mix the same in both instances the 2007 and both variants of the 2014 do differ content wise outside of the track listing.

With this double Polydor Records issue showing included poster, cost at issue in 1987 was £10.99.

Winterland: Various releases down the years with the Experience Hendrix 8 LP set being the most comprehensive attempt to bring us this set of six performances over three days. Shown here are the front / rear box, a sample of the label, the front covers for each of the eight albums and a sample of the generic back of those individual slip sleeves.

Concerts. Shown here the CBS copy and the added label for the Reprise issue.

Here we have the Classic Records [Bernie Grundman] 3 LP box issue of Woodstock along with the front cover image of the 45 that was also contained in the box with this release. More detail for this 45 can be found in the 45 RPM section.


Japan Polydor MP 2217 Isle Of Wight. The insert page shows white here but it is in fact orange!

Which had a change of cover to the following, though this came in various colours.

More various live bootlegs. Maui, Hawaii ... Jimi is self explanatory while  Good Karma contains part of the Berkeley 70 performance's. The label is from the former but applies to the latter in this instance with only a colour difference between them.

The New York Scene Club jam, March 1968, has seen many an issue on vinyl down the years. Appearing on boots from Skydog in various covers including an issue with nothing but a plain white card sleeve and white labels, these did make use of the rear cover by way of reproducing that as an insert. The copy listed on page one is a copy of the plain sleeve version [ in effect, a bootlegged bootleg!], shown here the insert. Another bootleg appearance for this material is Sky High. We also have official releases of this material, though often catalogued as being bootlegs the High, Live  'N' Dirty from Nutmeg or Audiofidelity [shown] and Woke Up And Found Myself Dead [picture disc or otherwise] are fully licenced releases.

Another Woodstock outing on Boot vinyl.

The Zipper L.A. Forum release, circa 1988. This same performance appeared on a more recent vinyl pressing from Radioactive. Shown here are the picture disc's rather than the standard black pressing listed on page 1.

Sleepy Dragon's A Lifetime Of Experience. Mostly material from Newport 20th June '69 with a couple of tracks from NY's Café Au Go Go, 1968. 

Various bootlegs as listed on page 1. The Alive and Flowing album came with various colour labels, the later white, original blue are two. This appears as a picture disc also. Do I have to say it was the Maui material?

Johnny B. Goode. This appeared on Capitol and MCA Records along with Fame [EMI] and Axis.

In The West. Here we have two officially released albums with different content though carry the same title and artwork. While introducing some confusion to proceedings the later Experience Hendrix / Sony Legacy 2 LP version also missed the opportunity to present the San Diego performance in its entirety and instead attempted to transcend an established "classic". While the mix and mastering where to expected standard the selection fell flat. The gatefold cover art remained fundamentally the same for the early and late issues, shown here are the differing inners with track listing and also the three different labels from Polydor, Reprise and Sony Records. Note the Polydor and Reprise labels show side 1 and that the Polydor issue had in fact reversed the sides!


On this site I'm reluctant to endorse any release over another but ...........  the following Berkeley release from Experience Hendrix [MCA] was initially issued in 2003, a pressing I could have done without as it sounded awful. In 2012 and now coupled with Sony Legacy, Experience Hendrix saw fit to have this title re-mastered [by Bernie Grundman] and what a difference that made. It has become the bench mark for the playback quality of all the subsequent vinyl releases. Absolute purists of analogue sound will still not be satisfied as this recording probably did enter the digital world at some stage [as have all recent "All Analogue Mastered" Hendrix issued albums], none the less here in "Live At Berkeley" we have an album which is a joy to own and play. If there is one complaint it would be that this is the second set the JHE played and the first set from this date remains elusive in an official capacity. Shown here the cover, front and rear of the 2003 and label from the 2012 official release followed by the radioactive release of the 1st set.

Live In Stockholm brings us the 5th September 1967 show with a two track filler from 9 January 1969.