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Strange Volume 2 FCA


The Isley Brothers association with Hendrix produced the following with the same content also appearing on Brunswick, Polydor [both German pressings] and Akarma [Italy] labels.

Though we have more than one Little Richard associated Jimi Hendrix listed on page one I don't think there is any Jimi content on any other than the album shown here. The confusion continues with the fact the single 45 of these two Jimi associated tracks differ slightly! The best reference for this is From The Benjamin Franklin Studios Part 1 A -Z of songs. Also note, this album title also saw the light of day on VJ International [VJS 7309] and had no Jimi content. The Mr Big on the cover was prefixed with "The King Of Rock N Roll" and is dated as 1977.

On page one of this listing we had two Get That Feeling albums listed, here's the differences. They both have the same cover front and rear in essence  but different labels. There are a few differing copies that mix n match covers with the same title, four that I am aware of, here we have two, different track listings. Outside of these two shown and listed here we have at least two other PPX compilations utilising the same front cover. This first one shown here [German, though it has been incorrectly listed as Scandinavian] is the copy with the most unusual content as it is the only variant known with this content / cover.

The For real album gatefold sleeve and label.

The records titled The Best Of, well you could never envisage such a misnomer but here we have three of them and in two cover flavours!!

And finally with the picture disc series from this group, Last Night. It shows no difference to the others here with at least a Timewind and blue Astan label. If other variants on the Astan label exist I have yet to come across them. Also shown the picture disc.

While the small group of Astan [Swiss label, based in Luzern] pressings have clear dates for the picture disc's [for the most part] the standard black vinyl issues remain in doubt. Often stated as 1981 for both the Swiss Astan label and the German Timewind label.  My belief is that this is a German company registered in Switzerland. While some of the pressings originate from Germany others may well be from the Netherlands. I remain doubtful that any of these pressings where done in Switzerland.

Hush Now from Astan. The sleeve is the same for both the standard [pair of] Astan and the Timewind label pressings. I have failed to find any significance or indication as to why we have a different label colour for the Astan's!

Second Time Around, again with the three common labels plus it can also be found with the black label. Also shown the picture disc.

Mr Pitiful. Again Astan and again seen with both the Astan and Timewind labels. Though the Astan label is Swiss these albums could easily have been pressed in Germany, Holland or Italy. Researching this label is tough enough but to pin down the pressing plant(s) is tougher still. To add to any confusion we also get the blue label Astan and in this instance a black label Astan. The latter I have never come across thus far, not rare but possibly harder to find in the UK than mainland Europe. Also shown the picture disc.

Welcome Home. Again a black label Astan, well it looks a black label. This was the best image I could find for this, any better shots welcome. Also shown the picture disc.


A Dutch pressed 1968 2LP box set.

The Telefunken PPX 002 above which lists

Side A:

Get That Feeling

Unidentified Flying Object

Side B

Gloomy Monday

Future Trip


Hush Now

and below, the London HA 8349 which utilises the same rear cover picture as the PPX 002.

Side A

Ballard Of Jimi

No Business

Future Trip

Gotta Have A New Dress

Hornets Nest

Dont  Accuse Me

Side B


Hush Now

Knock Yourself Out

Happy Birthday