The following label [1st of the following two label shots] was supplied to me from a collector in Italy. This shows the a slight difference in type set. There is no gap between the 2 and the first 0 as seen on other copies.

A German Medium [Polydor] issue.

Here's an unusual release, a Spanish mono AYE. Listed [on E Bay] as an 1967 release!

A German re issue that appears to have forgotten about the band! As with the other German Polydors I have / have heard this is enhanced content. It also suffers from some of the worst mastering on Third Stone that I have heard on record. The sibilance heard is to such a degree it makes the track unlistenable!

Here's the FNAC exclusive from September 2016.

Are You Experienced

Here we have a unique front cover for AYE from Greece. Clearly showing the Polydor  green text across the top of the cover which is often found on issues that contain enhanced from mono audio. This issue is likely from 1979.

Above, some later re issue covers from France and the wonderful Barclay picture disc [80581] from circa 1975 incorporating the art of Mobius. The first French images shown here are of a 1971 issue from Barclay  0820.143T. The IOW cover is the French 2nd press of this title.

Track Records [above] rather drab cover of the Backtrack 10 re issue of AYE. Showing here the difference in label that can be found. One clearly showing mono while the other is stated as stereo. As we know, neither of these are quite true. While the rear cover always states mono regardless of the label logo.

Above are examples of how this album first appeared in the UK, US and France, The Reprise shown here is the stereo copy. While following are some examples of how this album was re issued at various times from a number of companies. The Fresh press is the first issue of this title.