White Face promo for Electric Ladyland showing the sides to disc one.

Polydor Bombay! Beside the two vinyl disc's not even the same weight / thickness we have an inner that also looks a little odd. Some label and cover shots presented here.

Barnes and Noble 2017 issue.

French 2017 red pressing issue with booklet front.

And once again we get Barclay Records presenting us with a cover variation from 1968.

Track Records Part 1 and Part 2.

Much has been said regard the UK album cover that Track Records put out. Initially some shops only sold this in a brown paper bag! Today the discussion is more often based on what was the first pressing. Shown here is the larger inner gatefold shots of Noel and Mitch with the blue text, often considered an indication of a first press. As with all else Hendrix, these things are never quite as clear cut as we would like and there are counter points presented that indicate otherwise. Also, and this is an important point to highlight, even today with modern pressings that come numbered, are we really to take at face value that the cover number really matches the vinyl pressing inside the sleeve? It is clear we had this album pressed at more than one plant back in 1968 due to the volume of records produced. Also, keep in mind that at the same time we had this album made available by Track records and followed by Polydor Records as two single albums. It is hoped that more information regard the matrix information can present us with a clearer view but I doubt we will ever know with 100% certainty which was the first pressing.

Electric Ladyland images