Japan issue smash hits with lyric insert.

A Peruvian Polydor with an alternate cover. States stereo, label and cover but we already know this is not always the case. The notes in Peruvian on the rear conclude with GET STONED, in English!! Foxy Lady has a credit of La Chica Facinante on the label!

Typical Polydor Records labels from various issues from various countries and years. These again are just some and we do have a number of others not shown here.

The US and Canada where to later bring us a variant to the content but retain both the title and front cover. Random examples shown here of the front /rear cover with a couple of label variants from reprise Records

The following is not Smash Hits though it does utilise the front cover of that title, from Polydor Records Netherlands circa 1970.

Polydor Records brought us this title with slight variation to the rear over the years. This change was both year and country of issue dependent. This for now is simply a few of the many examples.

Original Track Records front and rear remained the same for both Mono and the stated Stereo issues.

Smash Hits