German Forum Loose Ends. Same as any other pressing it seems but contains spelling mistakes for side two track listing plus this album credits Hendrix with Hoochie Coochie Man!

An Italian six LP box set release. Note that Electric Ladyland is only half of the release! To be specific, this "half an album" is in fact the same set of tracks that appears on the single Electric Ladyland disc that Polydor Israel produced. This set came with poster, badge, sticker and more. sadly the copy I have does not contain those extras so I cannot display them here.

The Barclay Greatest Hits album showing the later re issue distribution C mark in a circle on the rear cover.

With possibly the most boring covers ever to wrap a Jimi Hendrix album in! The BT 10 [AYE] and BT 11 [ABAL].


Track records also brought us these covers with only the first shown here [Liquorice Allsorts] having no JHE content.

Backtrack images. While only the BT3 is shown here the series used the same image and simply amended the colour per release. Some of the series include a full side while others just a track or two from the JHE.

This Taiwanese 9LP box set has one title with a typo. I was surprised to find one disc that contained RL in the dead wax.